All About Us

Sisters, Abby and Sammi started Tee-sentials as an excuse to hang out, design cool clothes, and share their creativity. Tee-sentials is a screen printing shop that specializes in everyday apparel that is made with our customers in mind. From simple tee's to cozy sweatshirts, we believe that everyone should feel comfortable in our clothing.

You can purchase clothes from our special collections, or check out our Custom Order page to have your own designs brought to life!

Abby is a Senior in high school with the greatest sense of humor. She is an incredibly talented artist who loves to paint, draw, and sculpt. Sammi is a mom to the sweetest baby girl, Jenni, and the laziest heeler-jack that you'll ever meet, Saffron. Sammi has a degree in Kinesiology and loves to educate and motivate people to improve their health.